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Show Me Podcast Episode 3.1: Documenting a Most Unusual Presidential Transition

Transition Editor and Focus on the Story Founder Joe Newman joined me for a fascinating conversation about curating the work of a team of street photographers (including me) who documented the 2020 election. We discussed the unusual transition of power including the election, Trump’s Big Lie, Million MAGA March and Proud Boys rallies, the Capitol Insurrection, and the Biden Transition.

Like my own solo photo book NotMyPresident: Five Years of Resisting Trump, Joe is publishing the work of dozens of photographers in his photo book called, “Transition” which is on Kickstarter until Saturday morning. The book can only be bought in this matter and will not be available for public sale afterward. Visit Joe’s site for more details.

Episode 2.12: A Virtual Visit to Havana

Continuing our COVID 19 series of virtual visits to fun lands or ideal destinations, this episode of the Show Me Podcast takes visitors to the gorgeous exotic lands of Havana, Cuba. I journeyed to Havana in June, 2016 in what became a transformative trip, showing street and travel photography skills.

More importantly, I fell in love with this incredibly beautiful city and its people. Fabled in the American mind, there are both a joyful sense of humanity and a gritty sadness to the city.

This video podcast discusses:

  • The beautiful cityscape
  • Portraits of Cuban citizens
  • Decay and dilapidation of Havana buildings
  • Street scenes illustrating the culture of Havana
  • The vibrant classic cars that are ever-present in Cuba
  • Images discussed were taken during visit to Havana four years ago with six other fellow photographers, which in turn produced a photo book, Seven in Ten. The trip was extremely memorable, revealing an incredible beautiful culture.

    A photo gallery and photo essay/transcript of the episode are available on

    Episode 2.11: Four Years of Trump Protest Photos

    For the past four years, I have been photojournaling protests against Donald Trump and his Administration.

    The recent Black Lives Matter protests brought a new wave of photos, so many so that it caused me to look at the entire album. With the election coming up it seemed like a good idea to review this project and look to overarching themes.

    From basic civil rights to democratic principles, the same themes kept appearing over and over again in the protests. They were:

  • Racism
  • Immigration
  • Gender equality
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Science and facts
  • The right to earn
  • Freedom of expression
  • See the photos in the podcast or on my personal website in a photo essay format, or just listen to the podcast to hear about those protest trends, the major issues that define the Trump presidency.

    In addition, to commemorate this podcast I created the above “Cancel the Trump Reality Show” protest poster. You can download it for free here, or order a print here.

    Please share this episode/photo essay with your friends. Most importantly register and vote.

    Episode 2.10: A Virtual Tour of Olympic National Park

    This Memorial Day weekend, please let me take you through a virtual tour of Olympic National Park. So many of us have lost trips and planned vacations to the coronavirus quarantines, and are now just re-emerging into our local neighborhoods. To make things easier, I hope to take you to the magical place I feel in love with last year, Olympic National Park.

    This Show Me video podcast and associated transcript/photo essay takes you from the south of the park in the Lake Quinault region all the way to the ocean and then to the north, where we will visit Hurricane Ridge. The podcast will show you 40 photos over 20 minutes.

    Before I begin, a little back story… In April 2019 I toured Olympic National Park over five days and four nights. The goal was to build an Instagram guide for Aramark’s Nation’s Vacation group of lodges in Olympic National Park. Thank you to the Nation’s Vacation team for letting me share some of those photos taken on that trip with everyone.

    I hope you enjoy the journey. A full transcript, including photos, is available on

    Don’t miss Episode 2.6 featuring Nana Gyesie, who is featured in this episode.

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    Episode 2.9: Photographing Rock Shows with Jason Miller

    London-based Rock and Roll photographer Jason Miller visited to discuss shooting rock and roll shows.  He broke down how he goes about it, and how crazy it is to shoot a show in ten minutes flat.

    Our conversation began with a discussion of an incredible photo from The Clash, which was featured on their seminal album London Calling, shot by Pennie Smith (who didn’t want to publish the image). Then we discussed a punk rock photo by the legendary New York photographer Godlis.

    Once we got into Jason’s photographer, we had a wide variety of shows to discuss, including:

    • The Dropkick Murphys
    • Backyard Babies
    • Wildhearts
    • Morrissey
    • Sinead O’Conner

    A full transcript of the show with photos embedded is below.

    You can find Jason via his site (and don’t miss his books there) as well as on Instagram (and everywhere else as @jasonmillerca). You may also want to check out Episode 2.7: Rock’s Greatest Photos!

    Thanks for listening to the Show Me Podcast with Geoff Livingston. More shows, sponsorship and donation information are available at

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    Episode 2.8: My Creative Journey through Mourning and the Coronavirus

    Early in the morning on March 2, the Fairfax County police banged on my door to inform me my mother had died. This began a surreal journey through sudden death and mourning, immediately followed by the global change and devastation caused by the coronavirus. This is my story, as told through the camera.

    At first, my photography was stunted and limited, but then it quickly evolved to become an expressive device. From sadness to gloom to documentation and finally the hope of a new spring, this very personal podcast and associated photographs document my creative journey.

    Listen to or watch this very special episode of the Show Me Podcast today! A full transcript is available on my personal website.

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    Episode 2.7: Rock’s Greatest Photos? We Discuss

    Local rock photographer Rachel Lange and bassist Brett Pocorobba join me for an active conversation about rock (and rap)’s most iconic photos. Musicians include John Lennon (by Annie Leibowitz), Janet Jackson (x2), Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash, Metallica’s Jason Newsted, Michael Jackson, NWA, Prince, Queen, Taylor Swift, U2 and Arch Enemy.

    After more than 30 minutes of photos we thought we had just grazed the surface, and felt that perhaps genre-specific shows were in order. Listen to the episode and let us know what you think the best rock and roll photos are, and who should be included in our next episode!

    I really appreciate Rachel and Brett joining me for this super fun episode. You can learn more about Rachel Lange’s photography here. Brett is no longer on social media (rebel!).

    Listen to or watch this very special episode of the Show Me Podcast today!

    The Show Me Podcast is recorded at Heartcast Media. Quality podcasting requires time and money. Please consider sponsoring the show on Patreon

    Episode 2.6: The Day of the Iguana and Other Photo Thoughts with Nana Gyesie

    Nana Gyesie may be the most spiritual photographer I know. He explores the world of people and places through his camera, a very spiritual experience for him that profoundly affects his soul and view of the world. To shoot with Nana is to experience life in a new way.

    In this special episode of the Show Me Podcast, we start by exploring one of his influences, Graciela Iturbide and her seminal work “Day of the Iguana.” Nana discusses how Iturbide’s type of photojournalism impacted him and his work.

    Then we discuss Nana’s works in Cuba, during the rise of the Trump Presidency, and finally his most recent works in Seattle. You’ll also hear of some of our escapades together during these street photography episodes, some of the most impactful photography moments I have had.



    Listen to or watch this very special episode of the Show Me Podcast, and enjoy a spiritual street photography journey with Nana.

    The Show Me Podcast is recorded at Heartcast Media. Quality podcasting requires time and money. Please consider sponsoring the show on Patreon

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