James Nachtwey and Wartime Photography with Dave Murphy – Episode 1.7

Around the Lens Podcaster Dave Murphy discusses wartime photography.

Around the Lens Host and visual journalist Dave Murphy joined Geoff Livingston for a Show Me podcast on James Nachtwey and wartime photography. They discussed why James Nachtwey‘s wartime photography and general photojournalism is so striking. Then they discussed David’s work in the military and the Around the Lens podcast.

You can learn more about Dave Murphy and his podcast on the Around the Lens website!

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Joe Newman on Colin Kaepernick GQ versus Nike Photos and Storytelling – Episode 1.3

Focus on the Story Founder Joe Newman joins Geoff Livingston for episode 3 of the Show Me Podcast. The two discuss why the Collin Kaepernick photo used by Nike for the Just Do It Campaign was so much more successful than the GQ Cover shot taken during the exact same shoot by Martin Schaller (see PetaPixel for details).

Joe and Geoff then go on to discuss storytelling via photography in Cuba, the Trump Inauguration, and the 2019 Focus on the Story/Click DC photo festival.

You can listen to or watch the whole podcast below.


Sharon Farmer on Photographing Presidents – Episode 1.1

The very first Episode of the Show Me Podcast (1.1) features former director of White House Photography and photojournalism pioneer Sharon Farmer. Sharon joins Geoff Livingston for a fascinating discussion about photographing United States Presidents. Sharon Farmer led the Clinton White House with its photography, and was the first African American and first woman in her position serving the President.

You can listen to or watch the whole podcast below.

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