National Park Service Photographer Jarob Ortiz on Manufactured Landscapes – Episode 1.9

Jarob Ortiz is the National Park Service Heritage Documentation Program photographer. In addition to his own fantastic photography, he came by to discuss the very surreal and amazing Manufactured Landscapes project by Edward Burtynsky. We discussed the amazing way Burtynsky captured human impact on natural landscapes using a blend of natural and created symmetry.

Then we discussed some of Jarob’s own work, including his Alabama Civil Rights Trail and Staten island projects for the National Park Service. This is truly a fantastic episode. Soak up Jarob’s insights and talent on YouTube or via audio feed.

Angela Pan on Ansel Adams and Landscape Photography – Episode 1.4

Episode 4 of the Show Me Podcast features Snap DC Author Angela Pan. This fun episode discusses landscapes and travel photography. And if you are talking landscapes, then you need to discuss Ansel Adams.

Angela and Geoff dive in and discuss Ansel’s lasting impact into the digital age, and then Angela’s own experiences photographing Washington, DC and the National Mall. The two then go on to discuss travel photography. You can learn more about Angela Pan on her website.

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